Don’t Use Goals as Passwords!

You need to stop listening to people telling you to use goals as passwords. It’s just plain horrible adivce! I can’t believe to this day this gets recommended to people. Let me prove to you why it such a bad idea. It’s Recommended All The Time It’s crazy how much using goals for passwords gets …

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Your Password System Is Not Clever

Coming up with unique passwords for every account is difficult and leads many people to create a system/algo. A phrase and the name of the site is the typical system many people use.  While this solves the issue of having a unique password for every account, it’s not the best solution. There are vulnerabilities with …

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How long Should My Passwords Be?

How long to crack password

When you use a password manager the question of password length riddles the mind.  8 characters good enough? Is it worth it to have a 100 character long password? Do I need special characters?  Let me show you the right size password and when it’s okay to use short passwords.  Size Matters When it comes …

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