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  • This calculator assumes the password is randomly generated (Example: AqdPHw=x7*Mz7LPp).
  • Reusing a password gives you a weak score because password reuse increases your chances of being affected by credential stuffing attacks. Every account needs to have its own random password that you never reuse; a password manager makes this easy.
  • The answers above are how long it would take to go through every possibility. You can safely divide the answers above in half to give the attacker a 50/50 shot of finding the password in the first half of guesses.
  • Bitcoin mining is not set up to crack passwords and is only used as an over-the-top example.


8x GTX 1080 TI (PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256) 14417.6 kH/s –

Snowden 1 Trillion guesses/s in 2014

($1.4M) 448x RTX 2080 2.42 Trillion H/s

Total Bitcoin Network 150 Quintillion H/s