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I was “hacked” 3 times. 

I put the word “hacked” in quotes because it wasn’t your classic movie hack. 99% of people get “hacked” because they used a weak password, or even worse they reuse it. 

I was in the camp of reusing passwords. 

I, like most people, used the one password for everything. A lot of the times it was to a site that I never really cared about.

Who cares if it gets breached? 

What I quickly learned was that a lot of sites I did not care about at the beginning slowly become something I do care about in the future. 

It took 3 times for me to start to question what is going on here. Why are so many hackers getting into my accounts? 

This leads me down a rabbit hole that I’m thankful for. I spent months learning everything I can about password managers, 2FA, and all types of internet security. 

I learned so much I wanted to share it. I tried forums and all these other sites, but I found I was mostly repeating myself. I needed a better system. 

PasswordBits came out of this need. I wanted a central location to put all my words on password manager and general internet security. 

I even sat on the idea for months because I did not think anyone needed this site. Quite frankly, there is nothing like this site on the internet. I kept running into the same question on forums and not having a good place to direct people I decided this site would be it. Don’t wait for someone else to make it, sometimes you got to do it yourself. 

That is how PasswordBits.com came to be. Please feel free to wander around and check out all the posts. There is a lot to learn and with breaches becoming more and more popular it a battle that won’t stop. Welcome to the new normal. 


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